XXL DARCO "collector"

3,5 sqm to share with your partner - "AZUR" unique model - personalised wood box


2,15m x 1,60m – Grey
100% cotton - natural
Light - 270g
Made in France
Very spacious
Wind resistant
4 lightweight fibre pegs (8g) and an elastic band included
Woven in the Vosges region specially for us
One reinforced buttonhole in each corner
Machine washable Includes a padded, embroidered logo.

DARCO is one of the leading artists in the graffiti and street-art movement, he is part of the first generation of graffiti artists in Europe. His visual expression, the "writing", consists of having the alphabet as the main raw material for creation. His style is unique. Different for its unique metallic gray color, its shield designed by the artist and its numbered label by hand, each ôbaba comes in its a wooden box. Each ôbaba by Darco is a unique piece.

Please, send us a message with the model you have choose. There are five personilised boxes painted by the artist during the exhibition of the "BON VOYAGE" piece of art, in ISOLÉE (the leading concept store in Madrid) in 2017. The artist has decided to propose these arty boxes on sale this summer together with ÔBABA.

Unique pieces


75,00 €