Perfect day at the beach with children

On the top of the 10 tips for a perfect day at the beach explained on our thirst article if you go with a baby or kids then some extra things are to be considered. Please find below some of the important things not to be forgotten. You definitely must bring with you:

1. a good umbrella. There are many choices but only a few are cool or original. Leaf For Life is one of them

2. you definitely need a large beach blanket – and a very light weigh one… An XXL+ Ôbaba is always a good idea as your baby will remain sand-free for longer thanks to its giant size (5 square meters)

3. water to drink, literally lots of water. Kids need to drink a lot at the beach. If there is no way to buy drinks and you are staying many hours a good option is to bring a bottle of very fresh water and even one of frozen water. The frozen one will become fresh water in roughly 5 hours.

4. a water-resistant 50 SPF sunscreen, Mustela has the best products for babies

5. hats or caps, we really like the quality and design of Le Chapoté 

6. sunglasses. Many good designs available for babies and kids now

7. a good mosquito repellent spray. Mustela has a great one for babies

8. a fresh long-sleeved shirt is also a good option in case the sun is too strong. Saint James proposes a large choice of great quality striped sailor shirts for kids

9. some toys… A great way to enjoy the beach with children is to make a sandcastle; playing with sand and water is fantastic for them, bring some toys. Playing beach rackets or soccer on the sand is also great.

10. some extra clothes… bring a jumper in case it gets cold, a dry swimming wear, an extra towel, and even an extra pair of shoes in case your kid gets wet. You must always be very careful with the sea, never let your children alone. Accidents can happen very quickly so choose beaches with lifeguards, put your beach blanket close to them and approach them to ask about the waves and water condition.

As bringing all the necessary things can be heavy, remember to choose a beach with a car parking near-by.

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10 top tips to enjoy the beach with children: you have to think everything before going to the beach, otherwise it’s too late. Above all, don't forget SPF 50 sunscreen, your ôbaba XXL+ beach blanket and plenty of water.