Who are we ?


Welcome to Ôbaba
WE ARE the creator and distributor of the XXL WIND RESISTANT beach blanket

Ôbaba is a truly innovative product. Two years of research went into creating a product that offers the best in design, quality and practicality… A product that meets the needs of its customers and realises the dreams of its creators (Philippe and Mario).
The ÔBABA brand was created in April 2012, along with its first product: The XXL beach blanket.
ÔBABA is French in its creation and fabrication – the designer hails from Lille, the cotton is woven in the Vosges region specially for us, before being dyed in the Lyon area. The entire process is carried out by small, independent companies who are concerned only with quality products whilst respecting the environment.
Ôbaba’s goal is an ambitious one: to help people enjoy the beach more.
Traditional towels are either too small, too thick, always wet or even worse – all three, and anything else tends to fly away in even the smallest breeze.
Ôbaba wants to revolutionise your beach experience with the XXL beach blanket – and to share the experience with family and friends. Also you can enjoy on your own with the new solo model, launched in 2015.
For its 7th collection Ôbaba proposes 13 colours. ÔBABA has launched 2 "capsule collections" (SAINT JAMES and DARCO), one printed limited editions (IBIZA) and the new star product for the summer 2019: "Le BIG" (8.5 sqm). Each annual collection is unique and the number of pieces is limited.
Come join the ÔBABA adventure!
Thank you for placing your trust in ÔBABA.
The Ôbaba team