ÔBABA is the unique XXL beach spread that does not fly away with the wind !

ÔBABA cotton is ultra-thin, giant (the XXL+ model measures 5 sqm, the XXL measures 3.5 sqm and the SOLO 2.1 sqm) and lightweight (390g, 270g and 190g). It has reinforced button holes at each corner and four lightweight fibre pegs that allow you to firmly attach it to the ground.
The result is several square meters of personal space on the beach without sand, which does not fly away with the wind. ÔBABA is light, soft, ultra compact (rolled up, it occupies very little space) and dries quickly. Not only that, but ÔBABA is also easy to use, super-resistant and machine washable, being made from the highest quality cotton and made in France. The cotton itself is durable and very fine (but thick enough so that not a single grain of sand will pass through). We have chosen cotton for its naturally soft and compact nature.
ÔBABA was founded in May 2012 in Paris. Its founders, Philippe Duprez and Mario Menéndez decided to launch the first XXL, ultra-light beach spread that does not fly away because a fashionable accessory to enjoy outdoors simply did not exist. ÔBABA stands out above the rest of beach accessories. ÔBABA is perfect for the beach, for a picnic in the park or in your own garden. The passion, design, innovation and technology used to create our products, together with our values make those who use ÔBABA feel wholly identified with the brand.
A both simple and effective concept, ÔBABA combines fashion and function, it is 100% cotton, very spacious and is held down at each end by an ultra-light fibre peg, which is easily placed in the button-holes. Once rolled up, it requires very little room, whether that is in your car boot, suitcase or rucksack. ÔBABA even comes with an elastic band to allow for even easier portability. An ÔBABA is light, dries quickly and is 2.15 m long to keep your feet out of the sand. The 4 pegs are long 16 cm and are allowed in airplane hand baggage.
ÔBABA is unique in many ways: size, weight, shape, colours and functionality, and our clients easily recognise the high quality and innovation of our products.
ÔBABA cotton is woven in the east of France (Vosges region) specially for us, before being dyed in the Lyon area. The entire process is carried out by small, independent companies who are concerned only with quality products, respect labour and ecologic rules. ÔBABA is a socially responsible company, which believes that every business has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems and has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. The company that wovens our cotton is Oekotex compliant.
ÔBABA is a great gift idea: original, useful and attractive. We have thought about all the little details that make a product really unique.
ÔBABA is produced in limited editions, and each year the collection is unique. ÔBABA's first collection in 2012 presented the XXL+ size in two colours with the logo printed in black: blue and grey. The following collections came with new colors, a new design which includes a padded, embroidered logo and new sizes.
ÔBABA keeps creating limited collections for the most fashionable brands, artists, hotels and beach clubs. So, on the top of the main collection, every year ÔBABA also presents its capsule collections. We have worked together with the Parisian designer THOMAS DE LUSSAC, with the street art artist DARCO and several prestigious brands, such as ES COLLECTION, USHUAIA IBIZA, JUAN y ANDREA, and SAINT JAMES.
ÔBABA's new collection (summer 2024) comes with a large choice of colours (12) and with 4 sizes : Le BIG (8.5 sqm) for a whole group of friends; the XXL+ (5 sqm) for the family; the XXL (3.5 sqm) for a couple; and the SOLO (2.1 sqm) for one person. On the top of the 3 classic colours - St Barth (blue), Moorea (turquoise) and Miami (raspberry), the new 2024 collection comes with 9 other colours. We also propose 2 capsule collections (Saint James & Darco). As you can see many new models are waiting for you...
ÔBABA is unique in many ways: size, weight, shape, colors and functionality, and our clients easily recognise the high quality and innovation of our products.