Perfect day at the beach

When I think of a perfect day at the beach, I think of spending time with friends, tanning on the sand, and swimming in the sea. It's the perfect day to relax and have fun. The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and everyone is happy. It's a great day to take it easy and just enjoy the moment. There are many ways to enjoy the beach and make the most of your time there. Walking on the beach, swimming, sunbathing, and playing in the sand are all great activities to do on the beach. If you have children, consider bringing along a beach ball and some beach toys for them to play with.

What is a perfect day at the beach like for you?

Here are the top 10 things that will make your perfect day at the beach:

1. Choose the right beach for you. We are all different and we are looking for different things. In general we all love to be surrounded by beautiful white sand and clear water, but what kind of beach do you like? Sometimes it is important to check in advance the tides, the waves (green, yellow or red flag) or the presence of jellyfish. Think about what you are looking for. Do you prefer to walk further to be in a quieter place? Do you want to have a parking spot just next to the beach? Do you like to be on a busy beach? Do you need a lifeguard in the beach? Thinking about all this is the 1st step to having a great day on the beach.

2. Don’t forget to bring a good sunscreen, even on a partially cloudy day you need to protect your skin! Look at the protection level (SPF), water resistance and other characteristics to choose one that fits your needs. Apply the sunscreen 10 minutes before going to the beach and keep applying it at least once each 2 hours. Never get your skin burnt. Never. Mustela is a high quality brand since 1950…

3. Bring your Ôbaba to lay down and relax without having to worry about the wind, the sand and the movement of your beach blanket. We all hate bringing heavy small beach blankets and we want our beach blankets to get dry very quickly. The traditional towels are completely unadapted for the beach. A 5 square metres Ôbaba is lighter and more compact than a 1 square metre towel. So this point is an easy one: never go to a beach without a Ôbaba.

4. Think about the beach amenities you like at the beach. Would you like to have public showers available? Do you want to rent an umbrella or do you bring one? What about snacks? Would you like to play beach volley? Do you enjoy some music or you prefer no noise at all? Check it all before going and depending on the answers decide what you bring with you.

5. Choose the right person(s) to go with. Go with your partner, with a group of friends, with your children, with your mum… You will be able to find someone perfect to share your Ôbaba with. Unless you prefer to go alone with your SOLO model!

6. Choose the right day to go… a day in which the sun is shining and the temperature is fine for you, not too hot, not too fresh, perfect to enjoy exactly as you like. Having a look at the weather forecast is always useful, as everybody hates being on the beach and having a storm! Euronews proposes a good weather service to check before you go… . Also in areas where jellyfish are common you can check some specific apps that tell you which beaches are full of jellyfish and which are not. For example you have this app in Ibiza

7. Food and fresh drinks: depending on how long you will stay on the beach and which beach you are going to you have several choices. In general you always need a lot of water because you need to be hydrated all the time. If there is no way to buy drinks and you are staying many hours a good option is to bring a bottle of very fresh water and even one of frozen water. The frozen one will become fresh water in roughly 5 hours. Green apples, nuts and dry biscuits are an easy choice to have something quick to eat. Never bring chocolate, greasy food or anything that melts, and always try to keep food and drinks in a fresh place.

8. If you are sensitive to the sunlight, bring sunglasses and a cap. A sunny day on a white sand beach with the reflection of the sunlight on the seawater can be a pain for your eyes! There are many choices. In terms of price/quality we think Izipizi is a really good one:

9. If you hate sand - we have a few advises to improve your beach experience. Bring a giant beach blanket (and not a towel) this will keep your feet out of the sand all day. The Ôbaba XXL+ is 2.30m x 2.15m and Le Big is 4m x 2.15m large. Massive! Also think about bringing a sand brush to take the sand off your feet at the end of the day. A big bottle of water can also help to wash out the sand.

10. Specially for families with children… If you go with a baby or kids then some extra things are to be considered. Please see our article 2

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TLDR - To have a perfect beach day you have to decide where to go, with whom and what to bring. With these 10 tips you will be happier at the beach!