The BREST model is online

The green BREST model, new for summer 2023, is ready and already has its. It took us a long time to define the exact shade of this new green colour. We chose the name BREST to celebrate the region of Brittany, where we are selling more and more. We wanted a colour that was cool, calming and easy on the eye but at the same time alive and vibrant for the summer. Some will say that it is mint, others that it is a natural pure green. In any case, green is the colour of nature, of spring, when everything comes to life. A colour that fits well with ÔBABA's culture and our philosophy of life.

We are delighted with the result obtained for this new summer colour that is available in two sizes (XXL+ and XXL). A colour full of positive feelings that will give beach lovers a note of freshness... Green flag: bathing conditions are good.

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