Handmade eco-friendly pouch

The eco-friendly pouch


The fabric used to make the ôbabas is woven exclusively for the ÔBABA brand. In order not to waste any fabric, we use the remains of fabric to make accessories. We use some pieces of fabric to manufacture this pouch. The pouch is handmade by an independent seamstress in France. This is part of ÔBABA's "zero waste" commitment.
100% cotton woven in the Vosges region (France), each pouch is made with a black ÔBABA logo.
The black rope can be adjusted
28 cm high x 20 cm large
Perfect to bring your ôbaba and sunscreen in your beach carrycot

100% made in France 
Machine washable
Pouch with black rope
5 colours available (turquoise, blue St Barth, raspberry, grey or Mykonos blue)

Please send us a message with the colour or colours you would like to order.

14,90 €